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20t/h Hydrogen Steam Boilers


Chlor-alkali (chlorine alkali) industry will produce a lot of byproduct  hydrogen. Generally , these hydrogen is exhaust to air , this will waste a lot of energy.  In order to use these hydrogen to create energy, our hydrogen boilers is developed

Packaged Boiler Proper:

After extensive research and comprehensive comparison of different type gas boiler structure, performance, economic and technical norms, we confirm structure of double drum and longitudinal arrangement.

Hydrogen Boiler adopts “D” shape structure, right side is combustion chamber, and left side is convection heating surface. Because of the sufficient combustion space, the hydrogen can achieve sufficient burning.

The end of the boiler is equipped with economizer, which is assembled in the factory. Biggest transportation size is suitable for railway transportation. The water circulation in the boiler is natural circulating way.

Hydrogen boiler is with Small size and space occupation, short installation time, low installation cost.

Safe Combustion System:

Burner is set in the front of the Furnace, The boiler is equipped with five explosion door: two explosion doors in the top wall, one in the back wall of the boiler, two in the front and rear of the economizer. These designs make sure the safe operation of the Hydrogen boiler.

Wide Load Range

Under rated pressure operation, the load range can be adjusted from 70%-100%, in which scope the boiler can safely operate. Too low range will heating surface and boiler ending corroding, and two high load will reduce the boiler efficiency, increase the steam resistance in pipe and feed water pump power consumption

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