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0.5T Diesel Oil Fired Steam Boiler Delivery for Lebanon Customer

Recently, Lebanon Customer visit our factory for find good steam boiler supplier for his color additive factory in Nigel. After visit servial factory, they choose romiter as his final supplier. As he said, Romiter diesel oil fuel steam boiler is advanced than other supplier in following aspect

  1. Colorful Siemen PLC Control System, other factory is adopting relay control , there is no touch screen.
  2. Multi-language , English and Chinese control system available
  3. High quality material and boiler manufacturing equipment.
  4. Strick quality control system, make sure the final product is stable


Load the diesel oil steam boiler proper on the car


 Load diesel oil fuel steam boiler chimney on the car


All the valve and gauges will be delivery in one steel plate made case.


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