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Coke Oven Gas Fired Boiler

Coke oven gas-fired boiler, belonging to a heating boiler using coke
furnace or blast furnace gas as fuel. As a by-product of coke
manufacturing, the
coke oven gas fired boiler for sale is widely used in steel companies.


Introduction of coke oven gas

Coke is an essential input to the steel making process and is produced by heating coal in coke ovens. To make coke, coal is heated in the absence of oxygen to drive volatile matter from it. Coke oven gas, a low-BTU gas, is produced as a by-product of the process. Coke oven gas belongs to calorific value of gas, with the calorific value of 17-19MJ per cubic meters, which is suitable for high temperature industrial boiler and city gas. It is a by-product of coking industry and a kind of combustible gas, with the combustible component up to 90%. At most steel plants, the remaining coke oven gas is used in coke oven gas fired boilers for sale.

Coke oven gas fired boiler for sale

Romiter Machinery has been the professional industrial gas fire boiler manufacturer since 1945, with years of experience, in an effort to save energy and
reduce costs as well as make full use of the coke oven gas, ZG has
designed the coke oven gas fired boiler to use the coal oven gas in the
boiler furnace.
Coke oven gas fired boiler for sale is highly efficient, low emission and low cost industrial boiler.

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