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Molten Salt Thermal Energy Storage Device


In order to keep the solar power station’s continuous running, the solar energy collected in the daytime shall be stored and used in the evening. The Molten salt thermal energy storage device and solve this problem.
In the daytime, thermal energy storage device is used to heat HTM Therminol VP-1, then HTM Therminol VP-1 heat the HTM molten salt, and stored the hot molten slat in the storage tank. In the evening, the hot molten salt is used to heat the HTM Therminol VP-1 which can heat the water and generate steam. At last, the steam would drive a turbine and generate electricity.
The thermal energy storage device is a integrated system to collect and storage thermal energy. It consists of ex-change heating, high temperature storage tank, low temperature storage tank, transfer pump, valves, pipes and automatic control devices.

The supporting system of thermal energy storage device includes salt-dissolving system, start-up system, insulation & heat-tracing system and  safety protection system.

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