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Multiple-cyclone Dust Collector


Multiple-cyclone separators consist of a number of small-diameter
cyclones, operating in parallel and having a common gas inlet and
outlet, as shown in the figure, and operate on the same principle as
single cyclone separators — creating an outer downward vortex and an
ascending inner vortex.

Multiple-cyclone separators remove more dust than single cyclone
separators because the individual cyclones have a greater length and
smaller diameter. The longer length provides longer residence time while
the smaller diameter creates greater centrifugal force. These two
factors result in better separation of dust particulates. The pressure
drop of multiple-cyclone separators collectors is higher than that of
single-cyclone separators, requiring more energy to clean the same
amount of air. A single-chamber cyclone separator of the same volume is
more economical, but doesn’t remove as much dust.

Cyclone separators are found in all types of power and industrial
applications, including pulp and paper plants, cement plants, steel
mills, petroleum coke plants, metallurgical plants, saw mills and other
kinds of facilities that process dust.

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