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Plate Heat Exchanger Units



efficient and intelligent plate heat exchanger units is an automatic and
intelligent high efficient energy conservation product which unify heat
exchanger system, heat control system, heat adjustment system and heat metering

Advantage Feature

  1. Adopt industrial calculating and intelligent temperature adjustment makes the water temperature realize intelligent control. That is to say, the supply water temperature will change with the environmental temperature, standard room temperature and time.  High quality and economical heat supply.
  2. The industrial computer display , reserve and print detail parameter, including flow rate, flow temperature, flow pressure, heating load, outdoor temperature, standard room temperature, condensation water temperature, water supply pressure.
  3. During water and steam heat exchanger, condensation heat transfer part and condensation water temperature control system is set to make full use of condensation water heat   
  4. Filling water adopt frequency conversion control, automatic filling water and automatic pressure control.
  5. High performance stainless steel plate exchanger, small outline dimension and small floor space.
  6. Circulating water pump is adjustable on frequency and flow.
  7. Standard modular design, adjustable control item for different customer situation to help customer reduce investment.
  8. The operating parameter is display on the computer and reliable

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