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Small 30000Kcal Wood Pellet Burner


wood pellet burner wood pellet burner

Wood pellet burner use wood pellet as fuel. It ensures an efficient and low-emission combustion. Romiter Machinery wood pellet burner use high-grade stainless steel, it can bear temperatures up to 1000°С. The built-in CPU-controlled unit, automatic cleaning system and internal auger ensure the burner working in high efficiency.


Advantage Features of Small Wood Pellet Burner

  1. High Intelligent Control: Built-in CPU control unit; fully automated ignition and pellet feed; Self-cleaning function, activation of one to four times every 24 hours;
  2. Automatic Pellet Feeding: Internal auger ensuring smooth pellet feed into the combustion chamber.
  3. Variable Frequency Control Fan: Variable speed induced draught fan powers the combustion.
  4. Safety devices: Reverse-fire sensor ensures protection against return of flames along the pellet-feed tube;


Pellet burner Component

  1. Pellet burner
  2. Flexible connection
  3. Electric motor
  4. Automatic pellet-feeding auger
  5. Control unit
  6. Feeder chute
  7. Casing
  8. Combustion chamber housing
  9. Combustion chamber
  10. Storage

Parameter Table of Small Wood Pellet Burner

Model RM-3 RM-5 RM-10
Power Range KW 10-35 20-50 50-100
Kcal 30,000 50,000 100,000
Blast Fan W 40 60 120
Burner mm φ140 φ160 φ180
High temperature resistant stainless steel pipe
Burner Cover Corrosion resistant plate
Igniter 400W 800W
Wood Pellet Diameter 6-10mm, Length: 10-30mm
Storage Size mm 500*500*600 500*500*800
Capacity kg 200 200 250
Burner Rate >95%
8KG/H 10KG/H 20KG/H
Flame Length mm 1200 1500 1800
Noise(db) db 65 65 68
Heating Area m2 180-350 350-500 800-1000
Device Size
φ89 1500-1700mm
Feeding Power 370W
Control Mode Built-In CPU Control Unit
Dimension mm 380*300*550 380*300*550 390*320*580
Burner Weight Kg 20 21 23


Working Video of Small Wood Pellet Burner

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Romiter Group concentrating on supply high efficient and high intelligent boiler for customer. Main products include wood pellet hot water boilers, wood pellet steam boiler, wood pellet burner, coal fired thermal oil heater, diesel oil fired thermal oil heaters, biomass steam generator(wood dust, corncob, bagasse, rice husk, palm kernel shell), coal fired hot air generator, wood pellet hot air furnace, electric steam generator, coal fired steam generator, coal water slurry steam generator, diesel oil or gas steam generator, thermal oil steam generators, heat recovery steam generator (HRSG).

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