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SZS(QXS)Water Tube Boiler


Advanced and reasonable structure

SZS series automatic fuel (gas) boilers with double drum vertical
type, “D” type layout structure, the membrane type wall structure, micro
positive pressure combustion chamber.Boiler overall combined fast
assembling structure, compact and reasonable layout, the boiler room
covers an area of small, users of the site construction quantity is
small, the installation period quickly.

The membrane type water cooling wall sealing structure

Boiler adopts the whole membrane type water cooling wall structure,
good tightness, small heat loss, low thermal inertia, can realize the
rapid start and stop of the boiler.

Safety interlock

Pressure controller, pressure transmitter, level alarm, extremely low
water level alarm, safety valve, the explosion-proof door multiple
security protection, ensure product reliability.

High quality welding

Complete facilities, a full set of equipment from the boiler,
superheater, economizer, burner, intelligent control equipment, valves,
steam boiler feedwater pump with high performance.

A good matching of combustion system

The world brand burner and gas valves and other auxiliary equipment
and components, is provided from the filter, pressure regulating valve,
solenoid valve, gas valves and accessories complete, ensure gas
safety.At the same time can make the running condition of the boiler is
always in the best state of combustion, energy-saving, environmental
protection to the double functions of.