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Hot Oil Heater

  • Heat Transfer Hot Oil Heater

    Heat Transfer Hot Oil Heater

    Description of Heat Transfer Hot Oil Heaters Fuel Gas Heat Transfer Fluid Heaters(hot oil heater) use thermal oil as heat carry medium, using hot oil circulation pumps to realize hot thermal oil circulation. Hot thermal oil will transfer energy to heat using device and then hot oil return to theraml oil heater for reheating. Feature […]

  • Fluid Hot Oil Heater

    Fluid Hot Oil Heater

    For more than twenty years, the fluid oil thermal oil boiler has found the wide application in textile printing and dyeing, chemical industry, artificial leather, building mateiral industries. However, its high return oil temperature with 200 ~ 250℃ causes the high funnel temperature of boiler. In general, it reaches 300 ~ 350℃ . Thus a […]