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  • How to Buy Quality Pellet Stove Or Boiler

    How to Buy Quality Pellet Stove Or Boiler

    Introduction In To Wood Pellets and Biomass Pellets Why are wood and biomass fuel pellets so popular? Why Being Dependant On Premium Wood Pellets Is Dangerous How the premium pellet fuel market is not sustainable Biomass Fuels Pellets From Resources Other Than Wood It’s not all about wood, other materials can make fuel pellets How […]

  • Can the EPA Do Its Job?

    Can the EPA Do Its Job?

    As the wood and pellet stove and boiler industry gets closer to facing new EPA regulations, there is a striking disconnect between industry expectations and the EPA’s mandate. For industry, the concept of “technology-forcing” regulations is anathema, a clear example of a government agency running amok.  For many air quality agencies, technology-forcing regulations are the […]