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5 effective ways to reduce your home heating oil bill

As a homeowner in New York, I know how steep an oil heating bill
is. After months of shopping for the best heating oil company, my
husband and I decided on a company who offers an affordable price that
fits our budget. Moreover, we decided on locking in a fixed price. Now
there are no more surprises in our monthly bills.

As many of you may recall, this past winter was a brutal one. It
almost felt as if winter never wanted to leave, and summer was nowhere
near the horizons. Throughout the freezing temperatures, your heating
oil bill may have hit an unexpected high and gave you a run for your
money. But this winter try to beat the costly oil bill by taking a few

Here are 5 tips on saving on your heating oil bill.

1. Shop around

You may feel comfortable with your current heating
oil company and wish to stay where you are. However, there is nothing
wrong with shopping around. It’s only giving you the opportunity to
compare prices and decide what is best for you for the upcoming winter
season. In addition, you want a company who provides great service and
has your best interest at hand.

2. Lower your thermostat

While you are at home, raise the thermostat to 73
degrees or higher. You have elderly or children at home who need shelter
from the rising temperatures. Nevertheless, if no one is home, it’s
preferable to lower the thermostat 10 degrees lower. If it’s a hassle to
manually remember to increase and decrease the temperature on the
thermostat, consider investing in a programmable thermostat. Once you
set the programmable thermostat to specific times, the thermostat will
automatically increase the temperature at the time of you and your
family’s arrival and decrease when no one is home.

3. Seal all open spaces

If you feel a draft coming through the bottom of any
of the doors or there are cracks in any of the windows, make sure to
cover those spaces immediately. Remove all air conditioners from your
windows or cover them the best way possible. Moreover, keep all closets
doors and vents shut. Also, keep your vents clean.

4. Speak to your oil company for a fixed rate.

Yes, the prices of oil fluctuate. One day the price
is at its lowest and the next day at its highest. You are skeptical of
locking in to one rate. However, if a certain rate fits your budget,
then it is a good idea to lock it in. That way you will avoid unpleasant
surprises each month and not be subjected to the market fluctuations.

5. Schedule for service

During this time, a technician will check for the
boiler efficiencies. If you have an old boiler, it’s beneficial to speak
to your company about investing in a modern boiler. Even though a new
boiler may not fit your budget at that time, it’s something to consider
in the near future. It will help limit any hardships an old burner can

Following one or all the above tips will get you a
step closer to beating your heating oil bill. Your goal is to keep your
family warm but without burning a hole in your budget.


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