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Air Leakage Hazards of Coal Fired Boiler

Generally speaking, Air leakage of coal fired boiler is mainly divided into two cases:

  1. air in the air preheater
    leaks from the positive pressure side to the negative pressure side of
    the flue gas,
  2. air leaks from the not tight place of the
    boiler.The air leakage in both cases will cause great harm to the normal
    operation of the boiler, they are mainly the following aspects.

Increasing operation costs of coal fired boiler

Because the air leakage increases the quantity of flue gas,increasing
the use frequency of induced draft fan,and the resistance of flue gas
emissions increases,which increases the the power consumption of blower
and induced draft fan.

Increasing fuel consumption of coal fired boiler

Due to the air leakage,the fuel moisture content becomes high,exhaust
loss increases,which causes the low thermal efficiency,small output,and
large coal consumption of coal fired boiler.Therefore,we should pay
enough attention to the air leakage.

Exacerbating wear of heating surface tail

The air leakage increases the exhaust quantity,the flue gas passing the
heating surface tail increases,which exacerbates the wear of
pipes,shortens the service time of accessories,and increases the cost of
maintenance and replacement.

In addition, the air leakage will reduce the output of coal fired
boiler, and reduce the temperature of the furnace,worsening the

In order to solve this problem of coal fired boiler, Romiter adopts the push-pull type damper soot cleaning device to
effectively prevent the deformation of the secondary combustion and the
air leakage,which makes a grate contribution to reduce the production


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