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Biomass Power Plant Boiler Operation


Biomass energy is one of the main renewable resource,so,the biomass power plant boilers are increasingly being used to generate electricity.To ensure the safety operation of biomass power plant boiler,Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd.,gives the following precautions about that:

Preparation work

Before starting the biomass power plant boiler,we should check that
whether the power supply and water supply are normal,the power needs to
be cut off to avoid the the dangers of live working.

Operate boiler according to the specification strictly

Close the drain valve,open the water supply valve,check whether the
water pump is stuck,if so,remove the back cover of blades,and turn the
motor shaft to a flexible state.

Water treatment equipment

The biomass power plant boiler should be equipped with water softener
to avoid the scaling in the internal structure,which can prevent the
tubes explosion and lengthen the service life of boiler.

Never be humid or wet

When using,the electric cabinet,water pump,motor,and other parts should
prevent moisture.The cleaning of boiler should be paid attention to.

The sewage

Discharge the sewage at least once a day,beware of accidental scald.

Power plant boilers are one of accident-prone equipment in the power plant units,so we should try out best to avoid that. Romiter biomass power plant boilers show the advantages such as low fault rate and high reliability by way
of practice, almost all customers have a good opinion of the biomass
fired boilers here,please feel free to contact us for more details!


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