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Boiler Safety Valves


Safety valve is one of the three major safety accessories of oil & gas fired boilers. Safety Valves Fault is danger for boilers operation. Therefore, we should pay enough attention to such issues.

Safety Valve Purchase

The sensitive and reliable degree of safety valve has a close
relationship with its venting capacity,spring pressure and high
temperature resistant degree,so,we should purchase the relief valve
according to the corresponding oil&gas fired boilers,which can avoid
the frequent replacement of inappropriate safety valve.

Safety Valve Installation

The safety valve of oil&gas fired boilers should be perpendicular
to the highest point,and different types of safety valves have different
installation methods.At the same time, the safety valve should be
equipped with steam discharge pipe to ensure the smooth exhaust,the
valve shall not install on the exhaust pipe and drain pipe.The
oil&gas fired boilers,the rated capacity of which is greater than
0.5 t/h,should install two safety valves at least.

Safety Valve Using 

In the process of using,any form of leak should be handled in time,if
necessary,the safety valve can be replaced appropriately,if not,the
scale and impurities will mass on the sealing surface of valve clack and
valve seat,affecting the normal operation of the boiler.At the same
time,the regular inspection and maintenance is needed to ensure the
sensitiveness of the safety valve.

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