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Boom of Biomass Boiler Overseas


Speaking of biomass boilers, most people are perhaps still confused.
However, biomass boiler,in the European and
American areas, has
attracted the attention of government department, and received more
subsidies and support.

It is learnt that the United States Department of Agriculture
Secretaryrecently publicly said the United States Department of
Agriculture and the Department of Energy will make subsidies to 10
domestic bio- energy and bio-fuel crops project, funds totaling $ 12.2


In Germany, Blaise, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Parliamentary
State Secretary, has also said that the German Federal Ministry of
Agriculturewill invest 180 million euros to support biomass energy
technology research.

In the UK, the government has formally expressed that they will
establish a£3 million fund for renewable energy heating additional
compensation mechanism.

Faced of surging development boomof biomass boilers,we have reasons to
believe that biomass would become a future main forcefor sustainable

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