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Brewery receives grant to pay for study


In a press release
issued by the Gyppo Ale Mill, the Watershed Research & Training
Center awarded the future brewery a $2,500 grant to pay for the now
completed biomass boiler feasibility study.

Craft beer drinkers and local environmentalists now have another
reason to cheer over a frosty glass of beer. Gyppo Ale Mill is a local
brewery in the planning stages at the Evergreen Business Park in
Redway.The grant was used to conduct an environmental and economical
feasibility study on the implication of installing a cord wood or pellet
fired biomass boiler to their facility.

Andrew Haden of Wisewood, Inc completed the study earlier this month.

A biomass boiler takes agriculture, forest, urban and industrial
residue and waste and turns it into heat and electricity. This process
has less of an effect on the environment than the use of fossil fuels.
The Gyppo Ale Mill has the option of choosing between cord wood locally
harvested or pellets shipped from Sacramento, which is about 225 miles
from their facility.

Gyppo Ale Mill plans to take the recommendations from Haden and
incorporate the biomass boiler into their future growth plans. Haden
believes it will be more environmentally and economically beneficial to
install the boiler once the facility is brewing beer two to three times
per week, which Gyppo expects to do in year two of operations.

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