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Chain Grate Hot Water Boiler Test Method


In order to ensure the security and high efficiency , when chain grate hot water boiler malfunctions, the
reasons should be found out timely, Here are some
specific testing methods to us in the following sections:

Visual method

The inspectors of chain grate hot water boiler generally have
considerable experience,are familiar with the internal and external
structure and running principle of the various components,when the
common malfunctions appear,the inspection personnel can find the problem
by the eye and ear.

Hammer test

Under normal circumstances,if the hammering sound is relatively simply
and single,the hammering parts are complete,if the hammering sound is
chaotic,we should listen carefully to make accurate judgment.

Light test

We can see the rust ,deformation and other shortcomings intuitively by shining the tested parts with flashlight.

Sample test

This is an effective method to test the deformation of chain grate hot
water boiler components.To make a sample according to the structure and
size of tested parts,the material of sample usually adopts the cardboard
or thin iron sheet.

Pull test and straightedge test

The pull test can check the bending of drum,header and pipe,the
straightedge test can check the corrosion depth in the straight pipe and
drum and on the wall plate,and the bulge height on the plate.

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