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Check Chain Grate Steam Boiler Drum


Traditional coal fired boilers generally adopt the form of chain grate layer combustion, reciprocating grate contributes, traveling grate boiler. Reciprocating grate contributes to high combustion efficiency and traveling grate boiler has
strong coal adaptability
Traveling grate steam boiler drum external needs to be checked carefully, this passage will give some advice.

The surface of chain grate steam boiler drum must not have
cracks,leakage and metal damage.If there is stack phenomenon on the drum
wall,we can shovel and polish it,but the removing thickness shall not
be greater than 10% of its wall thickness.

The joint surface of the drum’s manhole and manhole door should be
thoroughly cleared,the surface must not have old pad residual,rust and
other debris.The joint surface should be smooth and even,can not have
cracks,radial grooves and pittings.The size,shape and material should be
accord with the requirement of manhole door.

The sliding roller of chain grate steam boiler drum should not be rusty
or stuck,the drum can scale easily.The
bracket,hanger,screws,etc.,should be complete and firm.

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