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Colton-Pierrepont purchases new oil boiler system for $19,750

Colton-Pierrepont Central School have decided to purchase a new oil boiler system just under $20,000 before the new school year kicks off, because of some failing machinery.

“I notified you that we had a failed system last week. We’ve been looking into it and we’ve been searching desperately for a suitable solution,” Superintendent Joseph A. Kardash told board members at their meeting last week.

The district’s board of education approved the $19,750 payment to AEON. Board member Jeffery W. Angleberger said that the current hot water system was installed during the building’s expansion project in 2009.

“Obviously the engineers have to design these things for maximum potential use,” Mr. Angleberger said. “This system is huge. It’s got a 750-gallon storage tank with circulating pumps. … I think the boiler is a great way to go. I couldn’t believe how expensive a commercial hot water heater was.”

Mr. Kardash told board members the district received other competitive bids for the replacement unit.

“We had a couple of other bids for solutions, but none of the solutions are apples to oranges to pears,” he said.

“With a boiler — this is just a little hot water boiler — I think it will do a better job. It’s probably more efficient and if there’s a failure you call in on it and they come in and put the pipes in and go away,” Mr. Angleberger said. “This is a good solution, and I think to fix it permanently would be much more difficult.”

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