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Common organic heat carrier furnace classification

Speaking of thermal oil heater, a lot of people are not very understanding of their use, and today we simply come to tell you under its use. It is a device often used in industrial production, and today we take a look at its common classification. There’s see how clean can help it to better use, we want to be useful!

By fuel type categories are: coal, oil, gas, coal powder, coal-water slurry fuel and electric heating thermal oil heaters. Heat Transfer Fluid circulation by way categories are: natural circulation and forced circulation boilers. By theraml oil heater structural classification body are: coil type, pipe rack and shell type boilers. By organic heat carrier boiler working pressure classifications are: low pressure and atmospheric pressure boilers. According to the overall structure of thermal oil heaters classification: vertical and horizontal tube boilers and organic heat boilers.

Coal-fired thermal oil furnace outlet temperature is low, for lack of heat, and exhaust gas temperature exceeds 300 ℃, mainly fouling problems should be promptly soot blowing. As the exhaust gas temperature is low, mainly the burning issues, mainly lack the wind. Although positive pressure stove, but the amount of opening small blast furnace temperature is low, the combustion intensity is not enough. Should focus on checking the oil furnace slag machine rear seal, gray dust, etc. is closed out good, with or without a lot of leakage into the cold. Before and after the oil furnace filter pressure increases, the pump inlet pressure drop, the filter may be blocked, should be opened bypass, disassemble and clean the filter.

Than to introduce several major classification thermal oil heaters, thus we have a deeper understanding of them. There are known heat carrier furnace cleaning work, so in order to improve efficiency during use. We hope that our presentation to help everyone, thank you for your support!

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