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Biomass Gasification

Continous Working Biomass Gasifier Machine

Continuous Working Biomass Gasifier adopts downdraft fluidized bed technology, turn various of biomass material into combustible gas, then remove the dust, cooling, remove the tar ...
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Continuous Working Biomass Gasifier adopts downdraft fluidized bed technology, turn various of biomass material into combustible gas, then remove the dust, cooling, remove the tar, at last get high grade energy from low grade energy. All this process can working continous and do not need to stop.

This technology not only confirms the biomass gasifier gas work continuously, but also improve the heat value of the combustible gas, reduce the tar content.

The occurrence of biomass fuel gas:

Biomass material get into the gasifier reactor from the top of the gasifier,then it will be dried and heat, then along with the temperature increment, its volatile matter will be separated out and pyrolysis under high temperature, after pyrolysis the gas and carbon will react with supply air in the oxidation zone, then generate the CO and steam, the heat will use for remain dry area, pyrolysis and the heat absorption reaction in the reducing zone. The gas which generated from burning will go through high temperature carbon reduction zone, reacting with carbon layer(C+CO2=2CO,C+HO2=H2+CO), become CO,H2,CH4,CmHn, etc.combustible gas. The tar under oxidation and decomposition. This technology improves the heat value of the gas and also reduces the tar.

Biomass material requirement

Suitable to all kinds of biomass material. Requirements for material:

  • Humidity of the raw material<20%,
  • Raw material size <20mm. If partial of material which cannot reach the requirement, it needs to crush and dry.

Technological Feature

  1. The gasifier stoveadopts Mechanical ash clean system, combine with the feeding system , timed feeding, timed clean the ash, continuous produce gas.
  2. Dust remover is made by 2 sets of cyclone separator used in series to clean the dust in the gas.
  3. Cooler adopts wind pipe structure, gas go through the wind pipe, cooled by the cold air which sended by the fan, remove the most moisture in this period. At the same time, the cold air through heat exchange and absorbed a lot of heat and go back to the gasifier to recovery. And this part of waste heat can be used for drying the biomass material.
  4.  Tar cleaner consist by 4 sets of tar remover, connect the cooling water from circulating water pump, to make sure the tar remover in the cooling water. But this part of water does not contact with the gas, it connect with the outer clean water tank.
  5.  The centrifugal separatoradopts the principle of centrifugal machine, it can separate the tar and gas efficiently because of the different weight.
  6.  Filter adopts dry type filtering method, the filter medium usually use the corncob or the industrial gas liquid separation mesh, for this method we can avoid all the smelly water and dust gas.
  7.   Roots blower is the operating power of the whole equipment, it sucks air into the gasifier as the oxidizing agent to make it react. It make all the gasify system become negative pressure state, the combustion gas will be send into gas tank after pressing by the roots blower.
  8.  Splitter is used for processing the qualify and unqualify gas, and split them into two ways.
  9. Filtering cleaner last time filter process, adopts the dry filter method.

Biomass fuel gas composition

H2—12.3%   CO—22.5%    CH4—2.3%   CO2—12.5%    N2—48.8%   O2—1.4%  CH—0.2

Low heating value number—5.12MJ/Nm3

FAQ of Continuous Biomass Gasifier

1. what kind of material our gasifier use?

rice husk, wood chips, saw dust, straw, urban waste, MSW, nearly all of the biomass material can be the fuel of our gasifier. with half of biomass material, our gasifier even can process the rubber and plastic

2.is there any requirement for the raw material?

our gasifier needs material as follow: size<30mm  moisture<20%

3.can user see the running plant in workshop?

yes, we have a running gasifier with genset in our workshop, we can start it and test for you

4.Where did you sold the gasifier?

USA,Finland, Thailand,Russia,Italy and so on


Technical Parameter of Biomass Gasification Power Generation Plant

Model Gas output Gas calorific value Efficiency Draught fan Power Material Generator
  ( m3/h) consumption Power
RGS-10A 5-10 4600-5200KJ/m3 >72% 220V50H
RGS-20 15-20 4600-5200KJ/m3 >72% 220V50Hz
8-10KG/H 5kw
RGS-30 25-30 4600-5200KJ/m3 >72% 220V50Hz
15-18KG/H 10kw
(Fixed bed)
50m3/h 4600-5200KJ/m3 >72% 220V/380V 25-40KG/H 15KW
(Fluidized bed )
50m3/h 4600-5200KJ/m3 >72% 220V/380V 25-40KG/H 15KW


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