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Correctly choosing the steel is important to gas fired steam boiler

Compared with the ordinary pressure vessel, boiler pressure parts of the
gas steam boiler are often designed with a lot of pipe hole and
connected with the complex pipeline system  in addition to bear the
pressure, it will collide by the radiation and erosion of high
temperature flue gas, the high wall temperature , the complex stress
state and other  poor working conditions. Boiler pressure parts in the
work once fail, it will cause the extremely serious consequence.
therefore, the pressure parts of the material must have a sufficiently
high strength,plasticity, toughness and fatigue resistance and corrosion
resistance property. High temperature components must have high
temperature mechanical properties.


In addition, in the manufacturing process of the compression
element, the raw material will  be processed with complex deformation
and welding. And  the steel used to manufacture the boiler  must have
good quality. All the material used to produce pressure components must
comply with the relevant national standards. The flaws of Hierarchical
layer, non metallic inclusion in steel, porosity should be as few as
possible. white spots and crack are no tallowed to exist.
according to the working conditions of the boiler, the steel gas
steam boiler pressure parts is divided into two categories, the room
temperature to the temperature (creep temperature below) steel and high
temperature components used in steel. For the steel used in temperature
below pressure components, mainly steel plate and section steel. The
boiler plate is mainly used in the manufacture of shell, shell, tube
sheet, head, tube is mainly used in the manufacture of evaporation and
economizer and some not heating pipe. For high temperature components of
steel, mainly steel, used in the manufacture of superheater,
superheater pipe and collection box.

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