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Dangers of Biomass Steam Boiler Slagging

Heating surface slagging

The heating surface slagging of biomass fired steam boiler will
increase the heat transfer resistance and the exhaust temperature,which
weakens the heat transfer and reduces the efficiency of boiler.The flue
gas temperature rise of furnace outlet will lead to the overheating
temperature rise,when combined with the thermal deviation caused by
slagging,the damage of superheater will be likely to appear.

Water wall slagging

The water wall slagging of biomass fired boiler will bring the uneven
heating,affecting the natural circulation safety of water cycle and
thermal deviation control of flowing water wall, which may cause the
damage of water wall.

Slagging of burner nozzle

The burner nozzle slagging of biomass fired steam boiler will change
the exit airflow structure,affecting the proceeding of the combustion
process.If the serious slagging and blocking exist,the
steam boiler has to lower the load to operate or stop the furnace.

From the above analysis, we can see that slagging of biomass fired
steam boiler is very harmful and it does no good, we should try our best
to prevent that.


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