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Difference Between Wood Pellet Boiler & Wood Chips Boilers

Biomass briquette hot water boilers

Wood boilers are designed to suit a certain type of fuel, namely logs, pellets or
wood chips. That said, there isn’t too much difference between a wood
chip and wood pellet boiler except the type of fuel they are designed to
use. Multi fuel boilers are available which can automatically switch
from one form of fuel to another, such as the Taifeng which uses wood
pellets as a backup.

There are differences in biomass fuel that can affect the running of
the boiler though. Logs must be dried to 15% moisture content while wood
pellets and chips to below 10%. So using logs in a wood pellet boiler
will result in a higher amount of moisture than the boiler is designed
to handle, which could affect boiler performance and efficiency.

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