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Flow Energy boiler generates electricity to help you cut your energy bills

British company gears up for launch of a new type of boiler which could cover 40% of your electricity needs

new type boiler electricity needs

Flow Energy recently unveiled its Flow boiler, a device which the
company says will produce an average of £500 worth of electricity every

According to Flow Energy this will be enough to cover roughly 40% of a
typical home’s energy needs. It is set to launch in January 2015.

How does it work?

The innovative boiler looks just like a regular boiler, but with one
key difference: it contains a generator. The latter allows it to turn
the vapour produced by the boiler into electricity.

It is worth noting that the boiler is unable to store electricity, so
it will only produce electricity when the heating is switched on.

At present, the boiler is only suitable for large homes with higher
levels of energy consumption, however, Flow Energy is working on a
smaller version.

How do I get one?

There are two options for anyone interested in buying the new boiler.
It can either be purchased outright, or customers can choose the “pays
for itself” arrangement. In this case the boiler will be paid for in
instalments over a five year period. Customers must switch their energy
supply to Flow Energy and sign over their Feed-In Tariff* to Flow

Flow Energy will then reduce energy bills by the amount of money
generated by the Feed-In Tariff for the next five years. Customers will
be able to switch suppliers, but will then stop receiving the rebates.

Flow Energy boiler generates electricity to help you cut your energy bills

*A Feed-In Tariff is a government incentive which pays for any
energy created, but not used by households which is returned to the
energy grid.

Flow Energy: New boilers are more eco-friendly and efficient

The technology behind Flow Energy’s new boiler has been in
development for a decade and 20,000 will be available for consumers
during launch year. The company expects to have many more available soon

Chief Executive of Flow Energy, Tony Stiff said: “We estimate that if
500,000 boilers are replaced with Flow boilers, they would generate as
much energy as a power station.

“Getting your electricity from the boiler is also much more efficient
than getting it from the grid as well, so it’s more eco-friendly.”


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