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Four Easiest Corrosion Parts of Steam Boiler

After the boiler stopped work, the oxygen will penetrate into the
evaporation system, then it will condensate into steam. This will make
the metal surface moisture and form water film. Besides,there’s some
parts still in the water, the continuous evaporation will produce
moisture which may corrode the boiler. However, what parts are easy to
be corrode?


the boiler’s economizer. In the operation, the entrance of the economizer is very easy to corrode.let the economizer alone.

When the water wall is in the operation, its deoxygenization effect
its effect is not very well. The steam pocket and downcomer are also
easily to corrode,especially on the side of the water wall

At the turn of the superheater of the vertical boiler. Because it is
in the water for a long time and the accumulated water cannot be

The reheater is the same as vertical, the bend parts Soaking in the
water.only the user take care of these places , the boiler’s service
life will prolong.

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