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Gas Fired Water Tube Boiler Accident Solutions

As a vital power equipment, gas fired water tube boiler has got much
attention form various industries. While, the gas fired boiler might
face with some accident in the daily operation, then how to solve the
problems is very important.

As a leading industrial gas fired boiler manufacturer, Romiter Machinery gives out some gas fired water tube boiler accident solutions .


After the water wall tube or convection tube burst into break, if
breach is small and the boiler still can be kept running, the boiler man
should report to the department concerned and then stop the boiler.

Though a gas fired water tube boiler is added water,
its pressure still can not maintain the boiler’s running, or it can not
run because of other reasons, the boiler man should stop the boiler
urgently. At such time, induced draft fan must be kept running for a
time until boiler gas and steam are drained completely.

After stopping the boiler, the outlet valve and backwater valve
should be closed in order to avoid circulating water system leaks
largely from the part which bursts into break.

Gas fired water tube boiler and gas fired fire tube boiler are two major boiler types in the market. For the former, if its water
quality is poor and scale is not wiped off for a long time, tube burst
into break will be possible. For the latter with the same water quality,
the same thing will be impossible. Thus boilers should be chosen
according to different situations. ZG gas fired water tube boiler will be a good choice and we can supply according to users’ actual requirements.

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