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Heating Characters of Biomass Fired Boiler

Biomass fired boiler in china

China is rich in biomass resources which offers enough market space to
replace the coal fired boiler and lay a basis for the commercialization
of the biomass fired boiler.the
development of biomass fired boiler has great potential. The biomass
resource such as crop straw, agricultural processing residues and
forestry residues resources equals 400 million tons of coal annually.
According to statistics, the coal fired boiler within output of  65 t / h
coal-fired boiler amount to  46 million, which reach a total size of
about 430 tons / hour, As an alternative to coal-fired boiler cleaning
energy, even if instead of 2%, the utilization of biomass briquette will
reach 50 million tons. Currently, the annual use of biomass briquette
is about 8 million tons. In the relatively developed countries, the
utilization rate of the boiler has been industrialized and formed a
specialized business mode.


Heating characters of biomass boiler

  1. the technic is mature,with simple manufacture art, the specialized boiler is chain grater boiler or CFB boiler.
  2. the air pollutant is few, the SO2 concentration produced by the biomass fired boiler is
    lower than that of the gas. After installing the dedusting equipment,
    the smoke and oxides of nitrogen produced by the steam boiler will reach
    the light oil discharging standard. And the biomass fired boiler fueled
    forest residue will reach the gas discharging standard.
  3. economy.when the gas price exceed RMB3.5 per cubic meter, the
    biomass fired boiler will show its advantage. Especially for the
    industrial heating, the price of every ton of steam is about RMB100
    cheaper than the gas fired boiler.
  4. The distributed heating.it will offer heat at the terminal part instead
    of firing coal. In the end of the consumer side instead of direct coal
    heating,, flexible and adaptable to meet the diverse needs
    heat.furthermore, the
    biomass fired boiler distributed dispersedly, operated flexibly. It can meet the customers needs.

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