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Heavy Oil Preheating Heater

Oil fired boilers can use heavy oil or light oil as its fuel, but
liquidity of heavy oil is poor because of large viscosity. In order to
guarantee the smooth delivery and good atomization of heavy oil, Heavy oil needs to be heated to high temperature.The preheating of heavy
oil needs heaters,this text will introduce three main heaters of oil
fired boiler in the following sections:

Horizontal coil heavy oil heater

The shell of horizontal coil heavy oil heater is generally made of
steel pipes with a diameter of 159 ~ 273 mm,all interfaces should
prevent leakage.The steam passes through the coil,the oil is heated
outside the coil.This kind of heater is suitable to be installed close
the burner because of its small size.

Vertical heavy oil heater

The tubes of this heater is made to bend,the steam passes through the
tubes,and the oil is heated outside the tubes.The vertical heater is
convenient to clean because of simply structure,it is suitable for the
industrial vertical oi burning boilers.

Horizontal bend heavy oil heater

This heavy oil heater of oil fired boiler is filled with U-shaped
tubes, the steam enters the U-shaped tube from the middle part of
head,and the oil enters the U-shaped tube from the upper part of
head,the heavy oil is gradually heating in flowing process,then is
discharged from the lower outlet,it is suitable for the horizontal oil
steam boilers.

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