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Hospital Sterilizers That Can Kill Ebola Virus

Somerset, KY, August 11, 2014 –(PR.com)–
The UK Independent calls Ebola virus disease (EVD) – also referred to
as Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF) – “a biological doomsday device that
conspires with the human body to bring death in the most gruesome
fashion.” There is no known vaccine or cure for the horrific disease,
which is fatal for 66.4% (2 out of 3) of those who contract it. The
killer virus can itself be killed, however, by decontamination processes
employing the steam autoclave sterilization systems Bondtech
Corporation offers to hospitals and commercial medical waste removal and
treatment companies around the globe through its recently-launched,
fully-responsive, mobile-friendly and secure website

According to Bondtech President &
CEO Elsa Brown, “The W.H.O. says the death toll from the latest Ebola
outbreak is 932 and climbing. It’s a highly contagious virus but it’s
not airborne, so you can’t just breathe it in. To contract the disease
you must have contact with an infected person’s blood or bodily fluids.
High-vacuum, high-pressure, high-temperature steam autoclave
sterilization of biologically contaminated materials such as these
eliminates all forms of infectious biohazardous microorganisms – viral,
bacterial and fungal – including the Ebola virus. That is the primary
function of the medical waste sterilizers and hospital waste autoclaves
we feature on our new state-of-the-art website

Custom hand-coded in PHP/MySQL
server-side and jQuery/JavaScript client-side,
MedicalWasteAutoclaves.com is what its designer and developer WebFL.US
calls a speedy secure responsive web design. To qualify as “ssRwd” every
page on the website passes 15 tests of mobile friendliness, responsive
design, HSTS transport security, SPDY speed optimization, Schema.org
metadata semantics and W3C HTML5/CSS3 standards compliance. Consequently
site visitors can expect fast, flexible and secure access to extensive
information about Bondtech biomedical waste autoclave products,
accessories, supplies and other infectious waste treatment solutions
plus a consistently smooth user experience regardless of what desktop,
notebook, tablet or smartphone browser they use to access it.

the past three decades Bondtech Corporation has grown from startup
business enterprise to leading global provider of autoclave
sterilization solutions – with installations in North America, South
America, Europe and Asia,” attested Bondtech Vice President Angel
Aguiar, P.E. “Much of that success we attribute to our ability to be
extremely flexible in how we design, engineer, fabricate, install and
maintain autoclave sterilization solutions for a broad and diverse
customer base while at the same time maintaining strict adherence to all
applicable best practices, industry standards and regulatory
requirements. In short, Bondtech offers quality in development and
flexibility in delivery, and I believe our new website
MedicalWasteAutoclaves.com mirrors that commitment.”

About Bondtech Corporation | MedicalWasteAutoclaves.com | 606-677-2616

Corporation has manufactured high-vacuum high-pressure autoclave
sterilization systems with high-volume processing capacities for the
commercial medical waste treatment industry for more than 30 years. It
is also the world’s leading supplier of durable and reliable on-site
hospital waste autoclave sterilizers. Bondtech Treatment Technology
(BTT) systems currently provide the majority of the waste treatment
capacity in North America for medical waste and USDA/APHIS/foreign
origin wastes.


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