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Hotels Embrace Biomass Heating Systems

Leading biomass boiler suppliers Treco have been working with a
number of hotels across the country in a bid to fight the rising costs
of fossil fuels. As hoteliers are more than aware, the cost of providing
guest accommodation is significant and the quest is on to shrink bills
without compromising on guest comfort.

boilers run extremely efficiently on sustainable, green fuel that is
significantly cheaper than oil, LPG and electricity. The results are
large fuel cost savings versus fossil fuels, reduced emissions and
significant incentive payments from the UK government under the
Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

One of
the hotels Treco have worked with is Dumbleton Hall Hotel, an imposing
manor house and popular wedding venue in Worcestershire. Up until
recently, the hotel had been relying upon an inefficient, outdated and
expensive-to-run heating system. They decided the time was right to set
up a more cost-effective system to protect the future of their business
and contacted Treco having heard about some of their projects.

opted for a 198kW Guntamatic Biocom cascaded system that runs on
vacuum-fed wood pellets. They enlisted Treco to help with the whole
system, from initial design right through to commissioning. The results
were a 30-40% saving on fuel costs, a 96% reduction in emissions and
approximately £22,000 per annum (every year for twenty years) in
Commercial RHI payments.

has led the hotel group to install two further biomass boiler projects
at other hotels in their portfolio. The payback period on the
investment, combining fuel savings and RHI payments, is estimated at
between four and five years.

Guntamatic Biocom boilers have helped us to massively reduce our fuel
costs. Treco’s project management was great and they even assisted
Dumbleton Hall Hotel with gaining RHI accreditation.” says
Simon Kelly from Dumbleton Hall Hotel.

This is
further proof that biomass boilers are not only good for the
environment, but they have the potential to rescue businesses that are
struggling with old heating systems and sky-high fuel bills.

Biomass systems, when planned and installed by established and experienced suppliers, can truly make a difference.


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