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How many types of industrial autoclave pressure gauge

steam autoclave

In thee operation of industrial autoclave,the pressure gauge should be installed to measure the pressure within it.The pressure gauge is very widespread,and wildly used in industrial processes and scientific fields,in this text,we will introduce the types of industrial autoclave pressure gauge for your reference.

According to the purpose,the industrial autoclave can be divided into ordinary pressure gauge,ammonia pressure gauge,oxygen pressure gauge,electric contact pressure gauge,remote pressure gauge,shockproof pressure gauge,pressure gauge with inspection pointer,digital pressure gauge,digital precision pressure gauge, etc.

According to the different measured medium,there should be specified color code on the pressure gauge and indicate the name of the special medium,oxygen pressure gauge must be marked in red,the hydrogen uses the dark green horizontal line color code,the ammonia uses yellow horizontal line color code,etc.

Therefore,the boiler users should choose the pressure gauge according to the actual measured medium and purpose. Romiter Machinery as a professional industrial autoclave manufacturer,not only can provide the various autoclaves of advanced design and rigorous manufacturing,but also can clear up your confusion by giving the effective advice,any more questions,pleasure contact us now or leave message.

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