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How to adjust the temperature of steam boiler

In the operation of the steam boiler,
the temperature fluctuation will cause some serious problems.the high
temperature will lead to the temperature raise of heater wall while the
low temperature will result the increase of the gas consumption or even
the equipment damage.so it is necessary to regulate the steam

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Temperature combustion through combustion regulator

when the load changes, it mainly depends on the temperature
adjustment to regulate the temperature.it can be divided into two cases:
 A. When the outside load is unchangeable, the fireman can turn up
the induced  wind and adjust the second air to increase the smoke flue
or to improve the furnace temperature to increase steam temperature of
steam boiler.
B.change the combustion intensity through regulating the coal
feeder. For example, when the outside load reduced, the pressure and
temperature will raise at the same time. At this moment, the pressure
and the steam temperature will reduce.

Regulate the temperature through temperature reducer

A.contact attemperator directly spray the steam into the feed water
and condensate water. In this way, the heat from the heater will be
used to heat the steam water and reduce the steam temperature.
B、The temperature reducer of the coal fired boiler is to cool the
overheat steam through feed water. When the feed water volume go through
the reducer increased, then the steam temperature will reduce.vise
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