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How to Avoid Coking of Diesel Fired Boiler


Under normal circumstances,with the temperature decreasing, the liquid
ash will turn into softening state,and then solid, if the ash maintaining
softening state touches the heating surface of
diesel fired boiler, the
coking will form.The coking will reduce the boiler thermal efficiency, and
shorten the service life of the
diesel fuel boiler. Therefore, Here is some measures to avoid the coking of diesel boiler:

Reasonable furnace outlet temperature

Ensuring that the main parameters are qualified and the furnace outlet
temperature is lower than the coal ash melting point,as well as the the
steam is qualified,which can prevent the furnace outlet coking of diesel
fired boiler effectively.

Good mixing of air and fuel

The good mixing of air and fuel can prevent the formation of reduction
gas near the water wall ,which can prevent the local severe fouling and

Increasing primary air speed appropriately

Increasing the primary air speed can delay the ignition of fuel,can
make the point of ignition farther from the burner,the high-temperature
zone of flame also goes to the center of furnace,which can the coking
near the nozzle.

Controlling the load of diesel boiler reasonably

In the process of reducing the load of diesel boiler,if the combustion
is not stable,the load reduction should be suspended,it can continue
after combustion stability.

Appropriately increasing the air volume

The total air volume into the furnace should not be lower than design
value,If necessary,the air volume should be appropriately increased to
prevent the serious coking of furnace.

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