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How to Choose Suitable Wood Boiler?

When shopping for a wood boiler you need to first think about the amount
of heat you need. It’s simple to work out the number of kW you need
from your wood boiler.

Generally speaking, it takes 50 watts to heat each square metre of a
domestic dwelling. Take the wood boiler number of square feet in your
home and multiply it by 50 – this will give you the figure in watts.
Divide this number by 1000 to give you a kW figure. If you’ll be using
your wood boiler for domestic hot water too, add 3kW.

So for example, if your home is 250 sq ft: (250 x 50 = 12500) / 1000 =
12.5kW. Then add 3kW if you want to heat your hot water too, and if you
did you’d need a wood boiler with a nominal output of 15.5kW.

The nominal output of a wood boiler is the output at which the boiler
would normally run. The maximum output is the maximum capacity, so you
should ensure your chosen boiler meets your heating requirements with
the nominal output rather than the maximum output. If the nominal output
is too high for your heating requirements the wood boiler will not run
efficiently as the fuel will not be properly burned, which wastes money
too. If it is too low, your boiler won’t be as effective at heating your
home. Our wood boilers range from 2.9 – 420kW so there’s something for
everyone, from domestic households to large industrial premises!


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