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How to choose the fuel of straw boiler


In order to adapt to the rapid development of city environmental protection, more and more coal fired boilers have been transformed into the straw boilers.The straw boiler also can be called biomass fired boiler,its fuel is mainly biomass pellet,such as wood sawdust,wheat straw,branch bark,peanut shell,etc.The quality of these biomass pellet fuel is uneven,thus the burning effect is also different,so how to choose the appropriate fuel for straw boiler?This text will give the following advice:

Dry raw materials is better than wet ones.The biomass pellet fuel made of wet sawdust produces more dust,although it is not coking,too much dust also affects the environment.

Sawdust is better than crushing material.Some biomass pellet fuel made of wood powder is very hard,causing the incomplete combustion and coking,which will affect the combustion efficiency of the boiler.

The biomass pellet fuel had better be made of one kind of wood.Because the pure wood particle is not easy to coke,generally the raw material is mixed with something when supplied.

The appropriate fuel of straw boiler will not only enhance the boiler efficiency, but also reduce the corrosion caused by coking. Romiter straw boilers can use shaped biomass,coal,or mixed fuels as fuel to provide heat,produce electricity,etc.Since successfully developed,the straw boilers are widely used in China,Pakistan, Malaysia,Philippines,Indonesia, India,and other countries and regions,and obtain the consistent high praise from the customers at home and abroad,pleasure feel free to contact us for more details!

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