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How to Cool Aerated Concrete Block in Summer


For aerated concrete block,the cooling problem has a direct relationship with its quality, Here are some advices about cooling the aerated concrete block in summer.

Cooling concrete mixing water

In summer,we can cool the the concrete by cooling the mixing water,the
biggest drop of concrete temperature can reach 6 ℃ by using this
method.We can use the heat pump technology to cool the mixing water,the
heat pump can heat or cool the aerated concrete.

Using liquid nitrogen to cool mixed concrete

Injecting the liquid nitrogen into the mixed concrete is an effective
method to reduce the temperature of concrete,in the process of
cooling,the liquid nitrogen should be supplemented timely,generally,it
needs 48 cubic meters of liquid nitrogen to reduce 0.5 degrees of
concrete temperature.

Cooling coarse aggregate

Because the coarse aggregate takes a large proportion in the aerated
concrete mixing process,cooling the coarse aggregate can reduce the
temperature of concrete.The effective method of cooling the coarse
aggregate is using cold water to spray or using plenty of water to

In addition to the above three methods,we can also replace part of the
mixing water with ice to cool the aerated concrete blocks.


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