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How to Increase Thermal Efficiency of Coal Fired Boiler

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It is most common to use the low cost coal-fired boilers both in our country and abroad,but,the long-term high consumption is a
big challenge for them.To realize the energy conservation of coal fired
boiler,all aspects of the factors should be considered,among
them,reducing the burning loss is an effective way,in the following
sections,this text give us some advice about how to reduce the burning
loss of
coal burning boiler.

Choosing the appropriate coal

The quality of coal has a grate influence on the service life of coal
fired boiler,the proper coal includes the following aspects:the ash
content of coal is not less than 6%,the ash melting point should be over
1250 ℃, the coal particle size should be moderate,the detritus content
below 3mm is not more than 30%, the largest particle should not exceed

Reasonable layout furnace

In order to reduce the combustion loss,the full combustion of fuel is
needed,which can be achieved by strengthening the mix and stir of space
air,it is completed by the cooperation of front and rear arches and the
secondary air.

Reasonable air distribution

The air is indispensable to ensure combustion,the reasonable air
distribution makes a great difference to the energy conservation of
coal-fired boiler,the air should also be reasonably distributed along
the grate length and width direction.For example,ZG coal-fired boiler
adopts the way of air inlet in both sides,longitudinally arranges six
air chambers along the grate,each air chamber has air regulating devices
to adjust the air volume,which can achieve the best effect of adjusting
the combustion.

Meanwhile,we should also regulate and control the combustion of fuel
layer well by changing the thickness of coal seam,the volume of air
supply and the speed of grate.

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