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How to Install Gate of Fully Automatic Autoclave

steam autoclave

In order to improve the automatic level of steam autoclave, Romiter actively developed the fully automatic autoclaves. Their
steam curing system is automatic and intelligent,and the pressure
automatic control system can be configured in the kettle. In the
production process, autoclave gate is a very
important part, Here is some advice about
installing the gates:

Before installing the gates,the inside of pipes should be cleaned to
avoid that the iron oxide dust,welding slag,hard particles or other
foreign body scratch the sealing surface of the gate.Meanwhile, we
should carefully check the specifications of the gate,and carefully
check whether the gate is closed tightly.

The gate of fully automatic autoclave should not flip,otherwise it will
make the medium reside in valve cavity for a long time,which is easy to
corrode the valve stem.Rising stem gate valve should not be installed
in the underground to prevent the corrosion of wheel rod.

The directional gate shall not be installed backwards,due to the valve
chest of cut-off valve is not symmetrical,the fluid passes the gate from
bottom to top.

The check valves of fully automatic autoclave can be divided into two
types:life check valves and swing check valves.The lift check valve can
only be installed horizontally,the shaft pin of swing check valve must
be installed horizontally,the swing check valves can be used in the
horizontal and vertical pipes.

The Romiter automatic autoclaves can effectively guarantee the roundness of the cylinder and flange by
adopting advanced technology,which ensures that the autoclaves will not
deform because of load-bearing and temperature rise in the using
process. If you need autoclave,they will be the ideal ones,please
consult us for more details!


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