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How to Make Heating Boiler for Hotel High Efficient

Soon, winter will coming. For hotel, Heating is one important invest every year. Because of the Influence of national energy conservation and environmental protection policy, design of heating boiler for hotel should pay attention to those issues.

In order to improve the energy saving effect of the hotel heating boiler, boiler needs waste heat recovery,condensate recovery and recycling.According to the introduction of Romiter engineers, installing the condensate recovery device in hotel heating system can greatly improve the energy saving effect of the boiler.

The condensed water recycling equipment commonly collect the steam condensate based on open tank and condensation water tank,then we can use it directly as boiler feed water,or mix it with demineralized water as boiler feed water.But some condensate can not be directly used as boiler feed water,it needs water treatment.

The condensate recovery device of hotel heating boiler can save the running cost,in the process of hotel heating,about 70%-90% steam transforms into the 65 ℃ to 80 ℃ steam condensate,if it could be used for boiler feed water,we can save 15% to 25% cost of boiler running, it’s important to note that condensed water temperature is higher,it needs the cooling process before entering the boiler.

Romiter machinery, as a professional industrial boiler manufacturer can provide various boilers,including the heating boilers for hotel,they are widely used in all kinds of life and at home and aboard,and are highly evaluated because of remarkable advantages such as energy conservation and environmental protection. Romiter heating boilers for hotel is ready for the winter heating,please feel free to contact us for details!

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