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How to realize horizontal oil fired boiler water cycle

Horizontal oil fired boiler is high-efficient because of long flue gas flow,slow speed of smoke exhaust and high thermal efficiency, Romiter WNS oil fired boiler and SZS oil fired boiler also belong to the horizontal oil fired boiler. The water cycle is a very important step in the operation of horizontal oil fired boiler,we should know how it works.

Horizontal oil fired boiler water cycle principle

Horizontal oil fired boiler water cycle refers to the process of regular and continuous flow of the water and steam mixture in the boiler evaporation surface closed loop.

Horizontal oil fired boiler water cycle loop

because of the different structure of the boiler,the natural circulation should have at least one loop,also can have a few loop.Boiler water cycle loop consists of the drum,down pipe,lower header and ascending tube (namely water wall),forming a connector.The ascending tube is disposed in the furnace,under the high temperature thermal radiation,part of the water in the pipe is vaporized,becoming the mixture of steam and water,the down pipe is disposed outside the furnace wall and is not heated,pipe flow is water, due to the density of the steam and water mixture in the rising tube is smaller than the density of water in the down pipe which is not heated,thus the regular,continuous circulation loop forms.

Horizontal oil fired boiler water cycle ratio

After each cycle,only a portion of boiler water in natural circulation is converted to steam, the amount of water entering the circulation loop is generally referred to as “the circulation flow rate”,the ratio of it and the amount of steam generated in the circulation loop is called “cycle ratio”.The cycle ratio relates with circulation loop resistance,flow pressure head and boiler operating pressure,load changes and other factors.

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