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How to Solve Over-Pressure Problem of Coal Fired Steam Boiler

the overpressure  problem of the coal fired boiler is very common.The forms of boiler’s overpressure :


1.The pressure rises rapidly and surpass the designed allowing
pressure. At the moment, the pointer of the pressure indicator runover
the red line.

2.The boiler’s overpressure interlock device send alarming signal.

3.The steam temperature reduced while the the steam flow increased. The solution of the problem

1.Weaken or extinguish the flame, increase the fuel feeding and air
(the boiler with an interlock can automatically stoped it.)or start the
safe valve system.

2.Increase the feed water and strengthen the pollution discharging method. (keep the water at a normal level)

3. If the safe valve does not work or the pressure gage, the boiler should stopped immediately.

4.When the boiler is overpressure, depressurization method should be
adopted. And the speed should not too slow. After the overpressure
problems solved, the boiler should stop to protect the boiler. Such
boiler parts as boiler body, assessory should be inspected.

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