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Industrial Autoclave

Industrial autoclaves (also known as still kettle) are pressure vessels used to process parts and materials, which require exposure to elevated pressure and temperature. The manuf ...
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Industrial autoclaves (also known as still kettle) are pressure vessels used to process parts and materials, which require exposure to elevated pressure and temperature. The manufacture of high-performance components from advanced composites often requires autoclave processing.


Industrial autoclave Component Introduction

Industrial autoclave is composed by still proper body, pendulous device, manual gear reducer, safety device, support, insulating layer, sealing device, pipe valve and gauge. Accessory includes drainage and electric control cabinet.

  1. Industrial autoclave device: mainly composed by barrel and industrial autoclave flange. There is track and car at the bottom of industrial autoclave.  Industrial autoclave body is equipped with various kinds of tube and pipe for steam inlet and outlet, discharge condensate water and install all kinds of valve.
  2. Industrial autoclave door: mainly include industrial autoclave door flange, bevel gear and spherical shell cover. Industrial autoclave body flange match with industrial autoclave door flange to close the industrial autoclave.
  3. Pendulous device
    1)    Side opening door: composed by principle axis, cantilever, mounting plate, pulling plate and draw bar. This device is installed on the top of the industrial autoclave and connected with industrial autoclave door through draw bar for hoist and rotate industrial autoclave door function.
    2)    Upper opening door: composed by weight box, swinging arm and mounting plate for industrial autoclave door swing up and down.
  4. Hand control reducer: Be fastened to industrial autoclave, through gear match with tooth plate to drive industrial autoclave rotate along the axis and make sure the industrial autoclave door can open and close tightly.
  5. Hand control safety device: Hand control interlocking apparatus is fastened to industrial autoclave flange side, composed by dead-man’s handle, sleeve, extension rod, ball valve and so on.
  6. Support: used to support industrial autoclave body, composed by intermediate support, movable support, end support. Except intermediate support, other support is movable on the pin roller toward the axis direction.
  7. Insulation layer: reduce the heat loss during operation (according to customer’ needs to design the thickness of the industrial autoclave)
  8. Sealing Device: composed by rubber seal, stop valve and admission bend pipe. Rubber seal is inlayed in industrial autoclave body. During operation, steam get in to the sealed groove, seal ring appress with the industrial autoclave top to achieve seal function.
  9. Valves and Gauge:  include pressure gage, safety valve, thermometer, thermocouple, ball valve for operation condition inspection.
  10. Drainage: composed by drain line connection device, steam traps and blow-down valve. Condensate water sedimentary tuff and exhaust, avoid solid block  steam trap, Blow-down valve can
  11. Electric apparatus safety interlock device: control cabinet, pressure controller, industrial autoclave door locking device, pressure warning unit.

3. Application Scope:

Industrial autoclave is an large-sized and heavy weight pressure vessels, which has been widely used in building material autoclaved curing hydrothermal reaction of aerated concrete block, concrete pipe pile, lime sand brick, fly ash brick, calcium silicate board with microporous, new light weight wall material, thermal insulation asbestos board and high strength gypsum.

Nowadays, industrial autoclave has been widely used in industries of chemical, medicine, rubber, lumber, gypsum, glass, insulating materials, textile and military project.

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