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Industrial gas boilers manufacturer

Industrial gas boilers are primarily used for heating water for steam or hot water. Romiter Machinery as industrial gas boilers manufacturer supplies efficient heating gas boilers for multiple applications.

Types of gas boilers Romiter supply for customers

Plants may choose natural gas, city gas, coke oven gas, propane, LPG as fuel for the gas boilers, and we supply a complete range 2 ton, 3 ton, 4 ton, 6 ton, 8 ton, 10 ton, 12 ton, 14 ton, … 20ton gas fired boiler for our customers according to their actual need. Mostly the gas fired steam boiler and gas fired hot water boiler are applied in heating for buildings, apartment buildings, food processing, textile industry, paper & pulp industry, schools, hotels, hospitals, sports centers,public spa, swimming pools, other leisure facilities.

Natural gas fired boiler for sale in the market

For the global warming aggravating, more and more plants choose natural gas boilers to produce power for their production. Natural gas boiler has a very high energy to heat ratio. Natural gas steam boiler for sale is much efficient and low emission in fuel burning for the creation of steam processing. Gas fired vacuum boiler has been the mainstream in civil heating field, such as bath centers, hotels.

Gas fired boiler manufacturer in China

Romiter Machinery specializes in designing and manufacturing gas fired boilers, as a professional gas fired boiler manufacturer we are prepared to meet our customers’ boiler installation, maintenance, or repair needs. Our boilers have been exported to many countries, Indonesia, South Africa, Philippines, Chile, Vietnam, Russia, Iran, Cambodia, UZ, Ghana, Thailand, etc.

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