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Industrial Gas Steam Boiler for Textile Industry

High temperature steam is needed in many industries, hence, steam
boilers are used as generators to produce sufficient steam in the
industrial processing. Many different application areas for example the
textile industry, we supply
industrial gas fired steam boiler for the steaming.

Textile industry

Since the traumatic change in the textile industry in 1980, new textile
plants are enforced to be more efficient and seek to improve
performance. A flexible and efficient use of steam can play a vital part
in meeting the need of energy reducing and efficient improving. Thus,
steam boiler is essential in supplying steam for textile industry.


Steam boiler in textile plants

Steam may be the heart of textile processing, without steam, the plant
can come to a standstill condition. ZG is committed to being a leading
boiler manufacturer in supplying heating solutions for various industries. As for the textile plants, we recommend the for sale industrial gas fired steam boiler.
Wet back structure and international popular three-pass design can
highly improve the gas boiler efficiency. Besides, with natural gas as
fuel, the gas boiler is clean and high thermal efficiency and the steam
can be generated in short time.

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