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Installation Points of Molten Salt Furnace Installation Points

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In industrial production activities, using a variety of boiler equipment is very common, and many boiler applications. Today we’ll tell you how to install under salt furnace should molten salt furnace? Preparations to install what? Surely we are also very interested, here and salt furnace professional manufacturers take a look at the specific content of introduction it!

First, the preparatory work before installation: a careful inventory of all boiler parts, well-kept, removed during transportation damaged parts. 2, on the important parts for cleaning. 3. Develop an installation program and process, ready to install the tool. Second, install the boiler: 1, before the installation continues to inspect the various components; 2, steel frame and mounting bracket; 3, drum, drum, set the box inside the equipment installation; 4, water wall installation, you need to installation in accordance with specification, for weld inspection. 5, the boiler pressure parts of the installation.

Mainly to introduce the above preparations salt furnace installation, as well as the installation of the boiler have a certain understanding. If you want to buy the boiler, we will in the future to bring more exciting information, please a lot of attention and support it, I believe we will be harvested!

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