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Internal pressure of gas fired steam boiler

Do you know how the internal pressure produces? Let’s share some knowledge of the pressure production principle.

Under atmospheric pressure, 1kg water will evaporate into steam with
1725 times expansion. The boiler drum is a sealed vessel in which the
water is heated by the flame and smoke. When the water absorb heat, its
temperature will reach a boiling point and the water become steam.
Because the steam can not freely expand and be forced in the drum, the
drum and pressure bearing parts will bear the applied force and produce


The pressure of the gas fired steam boiler is produced in these two
ways: one is the hot water boiler with natural circulating system, its
pressure generates from the static pressure from high level water tank
of the heating system. The other is boiler with forceable circulating
heating system. Its pressure source comes from the circulating running.
In this system, when the circulating pump stops, the boiler pressure is
also decided by static pressure from high level water tank.

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