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Keep warm this winter with a wood burning stove

Biomass solutions provider, Euroheat, is
urging installers and end-users to consider the modern wood burning
stove as a real contributor to fuel bill reduction this winter.

With its newest range from HWAM boasting the most impressive
energy efficiency credentials on the UK market, no more should the wood
burner be viewed as a ‘rustic’ way to heat a room.

Comparable with
a SEDBUK A rated boiler, HWAM’s impressive claim to fame comes from the
fact that its newest stoves include Lambda controls, which modulate air
flow as wood’s composition changes during combustion, and are more
commonly found in a biomass boiler.

This clever technology ensures wood burns at its optimum, helping customers get more out of their fuel.

an open plan, well-insulated home, a stove such as this can make a real
contribution to reducing heating bills, with contemporary styling and
state-of-the-art technology that suit the most forward-thinking

“Biomass boilers aren’t the only wood-fuelled way to cut
carbon,” said Euroheat co-founder Simon Holden. “HWAM’s latest range
show how far the humble stove has come, with these machines pitched as
considerable heat sources, not just something pretty that warms up one
corner of a room. Temperature output is controllable too, with an
in-built thermostat that will appeal to the most tech-savvy of end

“While the fuel may be ancient, how it’s now burnt couldn’t be more modern, ” concluded Mr Holden.

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