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Manual Book of Electric Heating Steam Boiler


Part Ⅱ Touch any position, enter in console page.


A.     Fault Resetting: After fault clearance, press fault resetting button, unlock system.

B.     Return Screen: Press Return Screen, the screen will return main page. In this way, when boiler operator leaves, the parameter will not be changed by other person.

C.     Fault Tracing: Check fault record.

D.     Functional Parameter:  Enter parameter setting page. Onparameter setting page, we enter into working time record page, timing parameter setting page, system parameter setting page, working time & password setting page, temperature curve check page.

E.     Manual Operation: Enter manual operation page

1)     Fault Tracing

If there is fault happen, the console page will show the fault type. After fault clearance, we need to press fault resetting button for

big fault, and then system can start again. For small fault, after fault clearance, it will work immediately. Customer can press Fault Tracing to check the fault history record and fault detail information.


Time Happen: record the time of fault happen

Recovery Time: record the time of fault clearance.

History Record: record the fault history.

When fault happen, the fault content will display in blue color.

When user remove clear fault, the content will display in black color.

When the fault content is too much, user can use scroll bar to check the fault.

2)   Manual Operation:

Press Manual Operation button,Enter following display:


When boiler stop, Enter Manual Operation Pages, User can control different device start or stop.  After manual operate one device, user need to control it to automatic, then the start or stop button on the main page will be useful, or manual cascading failure will happen

Under Automatic Control Condition, manual operation is useless.
Under handle operation, automatic start is useless.
After setting as manual operation, device must be reset to automatic, so the automatic control will be useful.
Under Manual Operation, when over pressure happen, boiler will stop

3)    Functional Parameter

Enter Functional Parameter Page Functional Parameter Table,button of Running time, timing setting,system parameter setting, running time passwords setting, temperature curve screen is showed on screen
Press different button enter different parameter setting screen. This require password



1.  Running Time

If user want to check the running time, the user can press Running Time, so we Enter runing time page.

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