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Mix Fuel Biomass Boiler

Romiter mix fuel biomass boiler can take coal, wood pellet, wood chips, wood log, olive shell, rice husk as fuel. After equipped with belt , large hopper and vibrate fuel feeder, ...
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Romiter mix fuel biomass boiler can take coal, wood pellet, wood chips, wood log, olive shell, rice husk as fuel. After equipped with belt , large hopper and vibrate fuel feeder, we can realize the automatic feeding of fuel . Our mix fuel biomass boiler do not need to feed time by time. With large storage bin, our boiler can work continuous without worker.

General Drawing of Mix Fuel Boilers


Layout Drawing of Mix Fuel Boilers

Item Description Parameter Qantity Remarks
Boiler Proper
1 Boiler Proper 1 unit Packaged Delivery
2 Combustion System 1 unit
Boiler Auxilliary
1 Blast Fan 4-72 №4A Right 0° 1 unit Blast Capacity:4012-7419m3/h
Air Pressure:2014-1320Pa
2 Secondary Blast Fan 4-72 №2.8A Right 90° 1 unit Blast Capacity:1131-2356m3/h
Air Pressure:994-606Pa
3 Incduced Draft Fan(IDF) GY4-15 Right 45° 1 unit Blast Capacity:11500-16000m3/h
Air Pressure:3805-3510Pa RPM:1450r/min
4 Feed Water Pump 1.5DC-5×7 2 unit Lift:161m Volume:6m3/h
5 Governing Box LJ4 1 unit Output torque:5000N.m   Power:0.55kw
6 Fuel Chain Feeder Matched with 4t steam boiler 1 unit 1.1kw
7 Automatic Slag Remover Matched with 4t steam boiler 1 unit 1.1kw
Pipe Valves & Gauges
1 Pressure Gage Y-150 M20×1.5 1 unit 0~2.5MPa 1.6级
2 Electro Connecting Pressure Gauge YJXC-150 M20×1.5 1 unit 0~2.5MPa 1.6级
3 three-way cock X14W-16T 2 unit M20×1.5
4 Pressure gauge bend pipe G022-2-3-0J 1 unit
5 Safety Valves A48Y-16C DN50 2 unit 1.3~1.6MPa
6 Stop Valve J41T-16 DN100 1 unit
7 Stop Valve J41T-16 DN25 1 unit
8 blow-down valve PQ41F-16Q DN50 2 unit
9 Pipe Elbow Q/AY4157-09 φ57×3.5 1 unit
10 blow-down valve PQ41F-16Q DN40 4 unit
11 Pipe Elbow Q/AY4156-09 φ45×3.5 2 unit
12 Industrial bimetallic thermometer WSS-401 0~400℃ 1 unit L=250
13 Water Level Indicator X49F-25 DN25 PN16 2 unit L=350
14 Ball Valves Q41F-16 DN25 4 unit
15 Electrode type water level sensor UDG-36 DN25 PN16 1 unit L=350 equipped on electric control cabinet
16 thread type ball valve Q11SA-16 DN15 1 unit Match with Electrode type water level sensor
17 Check Valve H41H-16C DN40 1 unit
18 Stop Valve J41T-16 DN40 2 unit
19 thermocouple WRN-230,K,0~1300℃ 1 unit M27×2
20 YEJ Pressure Gage 1 unit
Economizer & Valve
1 Economizer G049-7-0 J 1 unit L=1000mm×48组
2 blind flange JB/T86.1-1994 1 unit DN40 PN16
3 Stop Valve J41T-16 DN40 5 unit
4 Pressure gauge bend pipe Q/AY4152-09 1 unit
5 mercurial thermometer WNG-11 L=60 1 unit
6 Pressure Gage Y-150 M20×1.5 1 unit 0~2.5MPa 1.6级
7 three-way cock X14W-16T 1 unit M20×1.5
8 Check Valve H41T-16 DN40 1 unit
9 Special T-Joint Q/AY4409-09 DN40-25 1 unit
10 Four-way Joint Q/AY4411-09 DN40-25 1 unit
11 Hose reducer Q/AY4405-09 50/40-25 1 unit
Optional Parts
1 Chimney φ400 35 m
2 steam manifold Y12005-0 1 unit
3 Water Treatment RX-4 1 unit
4 Dust Collector Water Film Type 1 unit
5 Boiler Room Stoker Tool 1 set
Boiler Data
1 General Drawing G092-0 2 pcs
2 Boiler Proper Drawing G092-1-0J 2 pcs
3 Pipe & Valves Drawing G092-2-0J 2 pcs
4 Foundation Drawing G092-11-0J 2 set
5 Installation & Manual Book 2 pcs
6 Quality Certification 1 pcs
7 Energy efficiency test report 1 pcs
8 Design Introduction 1 pcs
Boiler Room Installation Material
1 All installation need pipe, valve, flue gas duck, elbow pipe, etc 1 set Included in the quotation(important)
2 Elevator for Feeding Bucket Conveyor 0 m We recommend 5m(quotation don’t include)


Equipment List of Mix Fuel Biomass Boiler System






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Romiter Group concentrating on supply high efficient and high intelligent boiler for customer. Main products include wood pellet hot water boilers, wood pellet steam boiler, wood pellet burner, coal fired thermal oil heater, diesel oil fired thermal oil heaters, biomass steam generator(wood dust, corncob, bagasse, rice husk, palm kernel shell), coal fired hot air generator, wood pellet hot air furnace, electric steam generator, coal fired steam generator, coal water slurry steam generator, diesel oil or gas steam generator, thermal oil steam generators, heat recovery steam generator (HRSG).

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